The Light between Oceans – An amazing book!

What happens when you place the needs of a loved one before your own moral compass? Can you live with the self-betrayal or does this act of mercy cause unimaginable repercussions, destroying lives and fracturing a community? This theme is explored in M L Stedman’s riveting debut novel, The Light between Oceans.

The protagonist, Tom Sherbourne arrives on Janus Rock, an isolated outcrop off the SW coast of Australia. Having survived four years of battle on the Western front, his wartime experiences leave him craving the peace and solitude of life as a lighthouse keeper on this otherwise uninhabited island.

It is only after his marriage to Isobel and her heartbreaking miscarriages that his tranquil existence starts to unravel. He feels powerless against her raw anguish and when he finds a boat containing a dead man and a live baby washed up on the beach, his choices create a chain of events that juxtapose love and loss, justice and tragedy and strength and weakness.

What more can I say about this captivating novel other than read it. You won’t be sorry!

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