Bucket List # 3 continued: Venice

Venice is perhaps the most romantic of cities. To enter via the Grand canal is to travel back in time to a slower, more creative and artistic but not necessarily gentler time. The history of Venice is peppered with skullduggery, intrique and murder all centered around the opulent Doge’s Palace with its Bridge of Sighs from where in centuries past, many prisoners caught their last glimpse of freedom before being incarcerated. Walking through the cold, dark prison was made even more bone-chilling by the excesses of the elaborately ornate adjoining palace.

Venice ... a decaying treasure
Venice … a decaying treasure

Once back in the sunshine, both physically and metaphorically, the beauty of the city is undeniable. Admittedly, it has a distinct air of decay with its rotting wood and peeling paintwork, but this is a genteel shabbiness that adds to its charm. Strolling hand in hand with my love along the narrow cobbled streets and over quaint bridges, browsing in shops full of Murano glass figurines and eating in water side restaurants had a dreamlike quality that was made even sweeter by the lusty baritone of our serenading gondolier as he guided us through the narrow canals.

Bridges and gondalas ... it can only be Venice!
Bridges and gondalas … it can only be Venice!

This may sound incredibly kitsch to some and perhaps you just had to be there, but the memory of my time in Venice will remain with me forever.

Arrivederci, Venice. I’ll never forget you!

Bucket list # 3 to be continued. Next stop Innsbruck and Munich.

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