Bucket List #3 (continued) : Rothenberg, Bingen and Cologne

This is the penultimate entry for my Bucket List # 3 : Tour Europe and soon I’ll be able to tick that particular box and move on, but for now the road trip from Munich to our final destination, Amsterdam

It was with a heavy heart and a sore head that we left fun-loving Munich (remember the Hofbrauhaus experience) but soon were looking forward to our first stop of the day,  Rothenburg. It has the distinction of being the best preserved medieval walled town in Germany and with its quaint buildings and rough cobbled streets, one could be forgiven for thinking that this could be a Disney theme park! But no, this is the real thing and it provides a photo ‘must’ at every turn. Rothenburg is also famous for Christmas decorations, which are available in its plethora of gift shops throughout the whole year. However, here once again our unfavourable exchange rate made me favour my existing supermarket baubles. Something we could afford though, was to buy a lunchtime half meter German sausage hotdog – absolutely delicious!  I’ve discovered that the best food always comes from the shop with the longest queues – always trust local support!

What a lunch!!!
What a lunch!!!

Soon we were back on the coach again, heading for our our overnight stop in Bingen. This charming little town is situated on the banks of the Rhine and was the springboard for our next day’s Rhine cruise, although how a 90 minute trip can be termed a cruise, I’m not quite sure. Nonetheless, Bingen has great weather and a delightful waterfront so it seems to have been adopted by many elderly Germans as a retirement haven.

Rhine cruise
Rhine cruise

After a night in a quirky Bingen hotel, we sailed effortlessly up (or down, I’m not sure which) the Rhine marvelling at the medieval castles and endless rows of vines that cling precariously to its terraced banks. All too soon though, we were back on back on the coach heading for Cologne and after a brief photo stop at the cathedral, it was on to our final destination of Amsterdam.

I must confess that after almost two days of travelling, punctuated by only brief stops, our whole group were more than delighted to finally arrive at our Amsterdam hotel and with the prospect of more fascinating sightseeing, hurriedly unpacked to join our local guide for an evening tour of the red light district.

Next time, the final stop in my European adventure, amazing Amsterdam!

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