Ice-cream makes me happy!

As with so many others, my weight has been an issue for me since my early teens. As I’m a proponent of the ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ school of dieting, I’ve been on almost every  so-called ‘eating plan’ ever invented in search of a svelte, toned physique, but all to no (lasting) avail. Amongst countless others, I’ve tried the Cabbage Soup diet, the Royal Canadian Air Force diet, the Atkins diet and the Drinking Man’s (or Woman’s) diet. Weigh Less only resulted in me weighing more and my association with Weight Watchers ended with me watching in horror as my hard-lost kilos effortlessly reapplied themselves. For me, short term weight loss is always followed by long term weight gain. Nothing has worked!

Oh, the quandary!
Oh, the quandary!

A while ago, I again hoped I’d found the solution to my ever-expanding problem. I heard about Prof. Tim Noake’s Real Meal Revolution and how the weight was dropping off its fervent converts. I was determined to find out more and searched country-wide for a copy of his book… to no avail. It was out of print and new stocks weren’t expected for some weeks. Was I daunted by my failure? Never! I was determined not to let this setback scupper my dietary salvation! After some research, I discovered that an e-book was available and with the magic of the internet had received my copy within seconds. I was delighted! The next few hours were spend diligently reading the e-book, followed by the recommended purge of the very many prohibited items from my fridge and pantry. After a fairly pricey sojourn to the supermarket to stock up on ‘healthy’ items, I began.

Imagine my delight when I lost a kilo in the first week and my disappointment when, despite diligently following instructions for some weeks, I have managed to somehow put it back on. To add to my dismay, my husband, who has been considerably less diligent, has lost the grand total of 4 kg! Does this diet only work for men?

A great philosophy!
A great philosophy!


“What has this got to do with ice-cream?” I hear you ask. Well, I have finally reached the conclusion that dieting doesn’t work! Deprivation is no way to live! A life of cauliflower mash, cabbage soup and lettuce will never satisfy me while chocolate, pasta and yes, ice-cream exist.

Soooo beautiful!
Soooo beautiful!

“Eat ice-cream everyday” is not a statement designed to be taken literally, but in the context of “joie de vivre”. From now on, I’m not going to deprive myself of the foods I love and rather than diet, I’ll try to live a life of moderation. Nevertheless, some excess is good for the soul and when I’m in Paris, a daily Amorino ‘petal’ ice-cream is mandatory. There I intend to literally eat ice-cream every day!

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  1. Emma says:

    The constant battle that wages in almost every woman I have met. Compounded by the damage the ‘glossy’ magazines do and no wonder we all feel so much personal dislike. Lovely thought provoking ideas as usual Cath. Moderation is definitely a great solution………oh and please have an ice-cream in France for me!

    1. I certainly will do! Being happy is so much more important than being slim!!!

  2. justagom says:

    Amorino ice cream should be classified as one of the seven wonders of the world.

    1. And what a wonder it is 🙂

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