Marvellous Malaga

Malaga airport does not do this marvellous city justice. Perhaps it was the 30 hours of travel that we’d just endured but the acres and acres of endless empty tarmac, punctured only by a few tenacious weeds and a sad-looking, underutilized building didn’t seem promising. This was only exacerbated by being sent on a wild goose chase to find the train station which turned out to be over the road from our starting point.
Nonetheless, we soon arrived at the Maria Zambrano station and our Malaga adventure began.
First the hotel, the Barcelo Malaga, which we had chosen due to its proximity to the train station as it was our point of arrival and again of our departure to Valencia, was modern, clean and very stylish. We soon settled in and were out on the town exploring. Although everyone will tell you to stay in the old city, our hotel was much cheaper and was only a 10 minute bus ride away.
The highlights of our 3 days in Malaga were many and varied but worthy of special note are visits to the Picasso museum, the fresh produce market, El Pimpi restaurant, walking through the old town at night and the VERY strenuous climb up the Gibralfaro.
I love all forms of art but, in truth, I never though I was much of a Picasso fan, but a visit to the amazing Picasso museum in the old town has certainly convinced me of his eccentric brilliance. If you visit no other attraction in Malaga, this is the one not to miss.

A prawn lovers paradise at Malaga market
A prawn lovers paradise at Malaga market

A different form of art, but again not to be missed is the fresh produce market, which is a feast for the senses with every kind of fruit, vegetable, fish, meat, poultry, cheese and baked goods imaginable. Oh, but if only we could shop like that in SA! I would become a gourmet cook, well maybe!

Again on the subject of food, which is never far from my heart, I first read about El Pimpi restaurant on the internet before leaving home, so imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon it by chance! Of course, we immediately decided it was beer o’clock and were so impressed with their cheerful service, cheap prices and great tapas that we returned to ‘refuel’ at every opportunity.

Fiesta fun at El Pimpi
Fiesta fun at El Pimpi

All these attractions are situated in the old town, which is beautiful at any time of the day, but it’s especially vibrant at night when the buildings are washed in romantic lighting and the locals all come out to play. An evening stroll will rekindle your notions of life as a romantic adventure.

The romantic old town at night
The romantic old town at night

Although Malaga is very often regarded only as a gateway to the (awful, see my next blog) holiday resorts of the Costa de Sol, but it’s actually so very much more than that. It’s a friendly, lively destination in its own right and well worth including in any trip to Spain.

Next stop on my Spanish adventure, a day trip to Ronda.

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  1. Emma says:

    Ohhhhh what beautiful pictures. I am thoroughly enjoying every blog. It’s not everyday I get to see Spain so keep the blogs coming…

    1. Thanks Emma. Still lots more to come so keep reading. Xxx

  2. We, too, loved Malaga and also dined at El Pimpi!! Thank you for another lovely read.

  3. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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