New year, new life, new look blog!

Finally it’s here … the day we have long been waiting for! Why the 1st January 2016? Well, because this is the day our new life begins. My best friend and partner in love, life and marriage officially retired yesterday and midnight saw us bubbling over with an enthusiasm matched only by the champagne bottle we popped to mark this milestone.

The start of our champagne days!


We have always joked that life truly begins when the kids leave home and the dog dies but the freedom we can now enjoy is unparalleled!

A new year and a new life deserves a new-look blog. So, with many thanks to my talented son for all his hard work, I hope you like it and that you’ll enjoy following our 2016 adventures as we launch ourselves into our “Go-go years” with hot-air ballooning, a Thailand holiday and a Cape Escape road trip (and that’s only the first three months!)

Happy new year to you all!!!

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  1. It’s good to read a post from you again, wishing you a very Happy New Year and very best wishes for your upcoming travels!!

    1. Thanks so much! Summer holidays are over now so I’m back in blogging mode again 🙂

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Skate, Oops I suppose I will have to remember to include your globe trotting husband in the introduction from now on. So here goes,
    Hi Skate & Chris, I am still waiting for my happy new year telephone call. I know you are both retired now but please keep up, I phoned you for Christmas. Moving on swiftly, I am really happy for you Skate. You deserve to be happy, even if it is with an old man at your side. I must say that I don’t care much (actually at all for Thailand) you can have that, too much military dictatorship and foreign language for my liking, but enjoy. I think it is going to be at least 5 years before I even get a whif of retiring, but I have a job, an income, a loving family, food on the table, Oh did I say food on the table, a wonderful wife who like you and Chris, is my friend, lover, partner and wife. I also have a wonderful baby sister. Have a wonder New Year Skate, can’t wait to see you when you come up to civilisation. Your Big Brother

    1. Hi Brian. I’m not sure your perception of Thailand is accurate but as the saying goes “I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”! (Aristotle, I think).
      Happy new year to you all. Will chat soon.

  3. Debby Thompson says:

    Sounds amazing. I wish you both a happy and fun filled new year 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debby. I hope 2016 is a wonderful year for you and all your loved ones!

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