16 Non-resolutions for 2016


I recently read a blog post entitled “40 things to do before I’m 40” and the more I thought about it, the more the concept appealed to me. There are, however, two fatal flaws. Firstly, my 40th birthday is an ever increasingly dim memory and secondly, even if I rejigged the idea to be “60 things to do before I’m 60”, the 3 months I’d have to achieve these goals might well prove fatal to more than the ideas!

Luckily, just as I was poised to abandon the notion, inspiration struck! What better way to mark a new year than a list of fun activities to be achieved in the coming 12 months?

These would not be called New Year resolutions as my track record with this annual tradition of metaphoric self-flagellation and real-life deprivation is woeful!NYR3 list I barely reach lunchtime on 1 January before “eat healthier” is gobbled up in a large tub of ice-cream, while “no more alcohol” has drowned in the bottom of my wine glass long before dinnertime! Instead, henceforth, each new year will be marked by a list of Inspirational Endeavours designed to inject fun and positivity into my days!

So here is my 2016 list:

  1. Take a trip to Thailand with good friends
  2. Ride an elephant
  3. Raft down a river
  4. Eat street food on 2 different continents
  5. Swim under a waterfall
  6. Visit 3 places in South Africa that I’ve never been to
  7. Go up in a hot air balloon
  8. Learn to mosaic
  9. Learn a few useful phrases in Portuguese (ready for my trip later in the year)
  10. Write from my heart
  11. Watch the sun rise at least once (guess who’s not an early riser !)
  12. Read at least 12 life-affirming books (heaven!!!)
  13. Learn to make sushi
  14. Embrace my individuality (watch out world!)
  15. Only buy/wear clothes that make me feel happy
  16. Practise random acts of kindness

Okay, so I must admit that I’ve already planned a few of these, but as they will be achieved in 2016, they still count.

So that you can follow my progress (or lack thereof) and make me accountable, this blog post will appear in a separate tab and I’ll cross out each item as I achieve it. I will write about some of the points, while others will be quiet achievements but hopefully by 31 December 2016, the list will be completed and a new, more authentic me will be born.

I’d love to see your list of inspirational endeavours for 2016, even if it’s just one thing! If you mention it in the comment section, I’ll follow up later in the year and see if you’ve achieved it. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Continue taking care of myself physically so I can take better care of my family…

    1. I’ll definitely be following up to see how you’re doing with this one! Good luck, it’s a really worthy aim!

      1. Thank you! It’s become a necessity!

  2. My fun activities to be achieved in 2016 :
    1. Explore something new in London
    2. Sail past the Statue of Liberty
    3. Master the technique of eating with chopsticks
    4. Try to bake a cake occasionally instead of buying them from M & S
    5. Go to the races at Happy Valley, Hong Kong
    6. Listen to all podcasts of the BBC Radio 4 soap, The Archers
    7. Visit a ‘new’ country
    8. Start colouring (I got two more books for Christmas)
    9. Visit at least three new places in the UK
    10. Look in on elderly neighbours more often

    1. I love your list although I think it’d take me more than a year to master the use of chopsticks! 🙂
      I can’t wait to see how many you’ve completed when I check in with you in a few months. Good luck and have FUN!

  3. Debby Thompson says:

    Those sound great, good luck with them all and I hope you have loads of fun achieving them. I have an ever expanding list, there’s always more to add 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debby. I know what you mean about an ever-expanding list!! 🙂

  4. Daphne says:

    So glad we will be joining you in quite a few of these !

    1. Me too! 2 Feb can’t come soon enough!!!!

  5. I hope you achieve all the goals in your list! What I really want to do this year is take my kids to see the little town where I was born, and the village where my husband’s family hails from. I would really like my children to see where their roots begin.

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