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  1. Brian Colmer says:

    Hi Skate, loved the Edwardian experience. I only have two comments to make, both are regarding food. The first is that you sell yourself short, regarding your culinary abilities, and the second is that our Gran really did not provide us with meals like your picture suggests. I always enjoy your musings – keep it up. Your ‘Big’ Brother.

  2. Hi Big Brother! Your support means the world to me … thank you!!!

  3. glynn says:

    Dear Cathy – loved this blog……life is such a gift, each and every moment are precious ….as are the people who are randomly placed on our paths….you are a butterfly special person!:)

    1. And thank you so much Glynn for always spreading positivity and kindness wherever you are … and for sending me the cartoon that inspired this blog post!

  4. glynn says:

    Dear Cathy, oh dear I always have an opinion 🙂 loved “Frugalista” …. I believe that is a form of energy ….. In order to keep it coming, you also have to keep it moving and flowing…….never hold on to it too tightly as it is dynamic and must move on……..

    1. Hi Glynn, as usual your observations are so thought provoking. Thank you for always pointing the way to the spiritual high road!

  5. glynn says:

    Yes, live the life you dream of! Don”t hold back……live passionately, feel deeply and share the love we all need as organisms to survive!

  6. I am a pretty recent recruit to the world of social media and have been at once frightened and fascinated by it. I can see that those far further along the path than I are now issuing health warnings and part of me is glad to take them on board. Not that I won’t continue to participate but in doing so I will be aware of its hidden dangers. The virtual world is not a substitute for the real world although I can see how it can suck time up until from the comfort of your home you realise that you have stared at a screen all day and it is suddenly dark. Thanks for the insight.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Social media has its place but there’s nothing better than a face to face get together with old (and new) friends 🙂

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